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The Corporate Health and Wellness Association

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA), also known as the Health and Wellness Association or the Corporate Wellness Association, is the national non-profit association focused on health, wellness, disease prevention and management for employers, employees and their families.

We are the biggest influencer in Corporate Wellness in the US and Globally, touching over 1.5 million B2B Professionals.  In the US, the Corporate Wellness Association is the largest influencer of HR and Insurance Executives reaching hundreds of thousands nationally.  We manage over 20 of the largest groups of HR and Insurance Executives on LinkedIn and have over 600,000 members in our groups.  We host over 100 webcasts, whitepapers, roadshows and events annually for Human Resource, Executives and Insurance Professionals.  Our social media presence of over 1 million individuals  is because of our unique thought leadership approach to the industry and is the reason for such high levels of engagement in our webcasts, whitepapers, roadshows and conferences.

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association provides wellness training and certification programs for Employers, Insurance Companies and professionals both online through our learning management system and live at organizations’ on-site locations across the country, as well as at our annual conferences.  The Corporate Health and Wellness Association provides certifications for Human Resources, as well as fitness and nutrition specialists.

We focus on transparency and collaboration in Corporate Wellness and provide successful employer case studies.  We share both the good, the bad and the ugly to show our employer members and the industry what really works and what doesn’t, who to work with and who not to.

Our Corporate Wellness Conference, which is a part of the Employer Healthcare Congress, is the largest and only wellness conference in the country that brings out senior HR, Benefits and Insurance Executives and C-Suites to share their wellness experiences and to network.  It is the who’s who of the industry.  The Corporate Health and Wellness Association’s annual conference brings up to 2,500 top leaders every year.

We are in a serious healthcare crisis. The rate of Americans that are unhealthy is climbing significantly each year. Many Americans do not live lifestyles that promote health and wellness, and many are not focusing on managing their diseases and preventing diseases or preventing diseases from becoming worse. This rising problem of Americans becoming more unhealthy is a major contributing factor to the rising and unaffordable healthcare costs.

Many Americans live an unhealthy lifestyle, not by choice, but because of a lack of education as to what they need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lack of education about being healthy and well, as well as a lack of motivation to get employees to “engage” in healthy behavior is one of the largest problems the United States faces.

Our Mission

  • To raise awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of employers implementing health and wellness programs.
  • To provide a reliable source of information, statistics and research data on health and wellness for employers, affinity groups, insurance companies, insurance agents and consultants.
  • To create a central point for communication in the corporate wellness industry for employers, affinity groups, insurance companies, insurance agents and consultants.
  • To perform research and surveys in the area of Corporate Wellness.
  • To help the Corporate Wellness industry come together to find more efficient and effective ways to educate, implement and enroll Corporate Wellness programs.
  • To focus heavily on improved methods and ways to get employees to “engage” in corporate wellness programs.
  • To spread the message of the return on investment and successful results for employers who implement corporate health and wellness programs.
  • To identify which corporate wellness programs are the most effective and which corporate wellness programs that do not work.
  • To identify new corporate wellness plans and products that the CHWA’s employer and affinity group members wish to be created and find companies willing to develop these new corporate wellness programs.
  • To have a monthly trade publication in corporate wellness to educate employers, employees and plan members on corporate wellness.
  • To create an annual meeting where all of those industry participants in corporate wellness can come together and network.

The Corporate Wellness Association is a non-profit trade group, founded on July 4, 2009. This date is significant in that it denotes the start of the independence of America from living an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as the establishment of the first non-profit trade group for employer and employee wellness. We enthusiastically take up the torch to educate and engage plan members.

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade organization. Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code provides for the exemption of business leagues, which are not organized for profit and no part of the net earnings of which ensures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. The Corporate Health and Wellness Association does not have shareholders or investors.

How is the Corporate Health and Wellness Association/Corporate Wellness Association Different?

The CHWA is the first and only national non-profit association focused solely on Employer/Corporate health and wellness. The CHWA’s purpose is to grow the corporate wellness industry and raise awareness for health and wellness in the workplace while driving the industry in a positive direction and serving the interest of its CHWA members.

Why was the Corporate Health and Wellness Association Created?

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association was created because the Corporate Health and Wellness industry is a multi billion dollar industry with thousands of employers offering corporate wellness programs and millions of Americans enrolled in corporate wellness programs. Despite how large the industry is, there has never been a non-profit trade association that focuses on and protects the interests of the corporate health and wellness industry or that focuses on its growth and raising awareness for health and wellness. The Corporate Health and Wellness Association was founded as an employer, affinity group and insurer coalition. Many employers and affinity groups do not know where to turn to find out which are the corporate wellness programs to offer to employees and who the best corporate wellness companies are, or what corporate wellness programs offer the best return on investment (ROI).

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association will work to accomplish these goals on behalf of our employer, affinity groups and insurer members.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” – Hippocrates

For more information on the Corporate Health and Wellness Association, please contact us through email at [email protected]


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