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Domestic Medical Travel, often called Domestic Medical Tourism is a growing trend where Employers are focused on quality of healthcare, which they believe in the end will result in better outcomes in the long term, as well as more affordability for their employees and plan members.

Why are employers Implementing Domestic Medical Tourism

  • “Getting it Right the First Time”
  • Better Quality = Better Long Term Outcomes = Employers Saving Money
  • Better Quality = Less Complications & Re-Operations = Employees Returning to Work Sooner & Shorter Recovery Times

Challenges for Hospitals in Domestic Medical Tourism

  • How to become a hospital employers want to partner with
  • Obtaining access to employers/insurers
  • Understanding special services and needs of a traveling patient
  • Providing concierge services
  • Marketing their domestic medical tourism program to employers
  • Providing metrics for employers to justify ROI – show your hospital as a center of excellence

How Employers Benefits from the Executive Wellness Council

  • Understanding which hospitals have better outcomes, better quality and less complications
  • Understanding which hospitals provide more affordable care if cost savings is the issue
  • Assistance with understanding how to implement domestic medical tourism
  • Understanding what basic services need to be provided to employees and their families
  • Assistance on best practices in implementation and educating employees on the program and engaging them
  • Research and analytics on the employers’ program and areas for improvement


If you’re a hospital or employer interested in joining the Domestic Medical Travel Council, please contact us at [email protected]

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