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Executive Wellness Council

Commitment to Quality and Outcomes in Prevention and Wellness

A Corporate Health & Wellness Association Initiative

The Executive Wellness Council is a joint initiative between employers and hospitals.  Comprehensive executive wellness programs provide an important service to key executives of corporations, high net worth individuals and those insured whose insurance policies cover these comprehensive exams.  An executive who has an illness can have a significant negative impact on a business. Executive wellness programs can provide early detection of health issues and illnesses and ensure that key executives remain healthy and more productive.  The CHWA believes executive wellness should be made more available to employees as a key to prevention.

 Challenge for Hospitals

Hospitals face the following challenges in expanding their Executive Wellness Program in the following areas:

  • Understanding their competitiveness and benchmarking versus other executive wellness programs
  • Fostering & developing relationships with insurance companies and employers who would be interested in including individuals and executives in comprehensive executive wellness programs
  • Showing employers and insurers the return on investment (ROI) that an executive wellness program offers, thereby ensuring a sustainable flow of patients/customers

Employers face the following challenges:

  • Identifying hospitals for executive wellness
  • Showing the return on investment (ROI) that an executive wellness program offers, thereby allowing an expansion of the program to other key employees

Through the CHWA, both employers and hospitals will be able to collaborate and work together to create transparency and best practices in executive wellness programs. The program will develop metrics to show how hospital executive wellness programs compare regionally and globally in pricing, packaging, quality, patient experience and “perceived value”  by employers.

If you are a hospital or employer interested in joining the Executive Wellness Council, please contact us at [email protected]


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