Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs That Work

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Prevention, health and wellness are among the most crucial topics employers should focus on to improve their workforce’s health, maximize productivity and controlling rising healthcare costs. In the current economic climate promoting employee health and wellness and managing healthcare costs are intertwined and more important than ever. This book provides insight from over 50 industry experts on how to successfully implement, operate and measure a corporate wellness program including successful case studies from small, midsized and large employers. Additionally, the book teaches how to engage and motivate employees to become active in their health, and with other valuable insights. So open this book and learn how your company can go about Engaging Wellness.


“I am thankful for the continued great experience I’ve had with your organization since deciding to get the wellness certification through you. I researched several places before making my final decision and do not regret my choice – you guys are top notch!!”

Stacey Mullet, Blue Volcano Wellness

“This book details the must haves, including incentive strategies, biometric screenings, chronic condition support, workplace culture, defining/measuring success and more. The secret to success is how you design these features to motivate your unique workforce, impact your company’s specific challenges and your vision for success”

-Tami Graham, Global Benefits Design Director for Intel

“Why has it taken so long for employers to realize that leadership commitment determines the success of a wellness program. Read the book. It gives incredible ideas and meaningful case studies. This is the book whose timing is right. It matches a rising competitiveness for health and wellness initiatives in this country and abroad.”

-Missy Jarrott, Director of Human Resources, Chatham Steel Corporation

“This informative and comprehensive book could not have come at a better time! With the state of healthcare in the US it is essential that individuals take responsibility for their health; and employers can assist by providing ways for their employees to become engaged in heatlh and wellness to improve their overall well-being.”

-Cheri Fisher, Program Director for Honeywell Health and Wellness Center.

Engaging Wellness Table of Contents


Chapter 1:

• Program Design Using Effective Engagement Strategies to Drive Long-Term Program Success

• Building a Strategic Wellness Program

• Making Wellness Work for You Now and Later

• Building A Successful and Sustainable Worksite Wellness Program from Scratch

• Employees Are What They Eat: The Importance of Integrating Nutrition in Corporate Wellness

• 10 Reasons Why Your Wellness Program Lacks Participation

• Case Study: East Coast Wellness Innovations


Chapter 2:

• Incentives

• Incentivizing Wellness: Money for Nothing?

• What’s My Incentive? : Designing Wellness Program Incentives to Maximize Participation

• Case Study: Three Steps to Success

Chapter 3:

• Biometrics

• Biometric Screening: the Linchpin of Wellness

• Biometric Screening for a Successful Wellness Program

• A Healthy Workforce and a Healthy Bottom-line: 10 Medical Tests that Can Save Lives and Money

• Case Study: Biometrics at Work


Chapter 4:

• The C-Suite

• Healthy Leaders Lead by Example

• Organizational Health Leadership Engagement Innovations


Chapter 5:

• Onsite Clinics

• Population Risk Management and Workplace Health Centers

• Worksite Clinics – The Next Generation

• Case Study: Hog Slat Health and Wellness Program


Chapter 6:

• Creating a Culture of Health

• Building a Culture of Health, Productivity and Wellbeing

• Population Health Management and a Healthy Workplace Culture: A Primer

• Case Study: Sustaining a Culture of Health at Johnson and Johnson


Chapter 7:

• Health Risk Assessments

• Beyond the Questionnaire: Using the Health Assessment as a Tool for Behavior Change

• HRAs – The Heart of Wellness


Chapter 8:

• Measuring Program Success

• Tell the Right Story with Your Program Reporting Processes

• Benchmarking Wellness Programs: How Does Your Program Measure Up?

• The Value of Happiness: The Invisible Benchmarking Metric

• A Discussion of ROI

• The Street Value of Organization Health ‘Bend-the- Trend’ Benchmarking Systems

• Case Study: Walk the Talk – Health System Employees Improve Health through “Wellness at Work


Book Cost: $80 – Click Here to Purchase

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