Global Wellness Initiatives

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association’s Global Wellness Initiative focuses on addressing the global healthcare and wellness crisis effecting every country across the globe. Every country is dealing with rising healthcare costs, and an increase in non-communicable diseases and catastrophic illnesses which can be preventable through engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

The CHWA’s Global Wellness Initiative will address the global wellness crisis in several ways:
  • Multinational Employer Wellness Case Studies – Collecting Multinational Corporate Case Studies and Best Practices in Wellness and Publishing those case studies
  • Establishing Global Chapters of the CHWA around the world to collect, collaborate, share best practices, and disseminate information.
  • Analyze Wellness Programs in individual countries around the world and report on best practices found in different countries
  • Analyze Wellness by Region
  • Analyze and Assist Governments in their Wellness and Population Health Management
  • Initiatives

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